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Remontti Ari (Ari Lahti)

Construction entrepreneur Ari Lahti

"With Binja sealing lists I got two birds with one stone"

”It’s extremely important for all of us to save energy. With Binja sealing lists you actually get birds with one stone. In addition to improving the energy efficiency of doors and windows, they also increase sound insulation. The lists are also really easy to install!”


Juha VuorenmaaSuperintendent Juha Vuorenmaa, Kiinteistö Oy Maunulan Asunnot

"The feedback from the residents have been extremely positive "

”The Binja sealing lists are the most economical and most effective sealing method. The lists are easy to install, and the residents can do it themselves. The sealing lists succeeded in improving the residential comfort in our building. Now there is no feeling of draught or noises and odours from outdoors or common areas. The residents have given extremely positive feedback, and I can highly recommend the Binja sealing lists!”


Juha Vuorenmaa

Property Manager Jari Poikela, CityHotel, Rovaniemi

"An amazingly low-cost solution to noise problems!"


Anyone having stayed at a hotel knows that noises from the common areas can disturb sleep.When Jari Poikela first heard of the Binja sealing lists, he was immediately interested: “With the sealing lists we can easily sound-insulate the rooms from the common areas”, Mr. Poikela says.

“We had already planned to change the doors to improve the sound insulation, even though they were otherwise perfectly good doors. But thanks to Binja sealing lists, we didn’t have to do that, and the cost was only a fraction of the price of new doors”, says Mr. Poikela. “The lists are so easy and quick to install that it can be done even during a peak season without disturbing our usual business operations.”

“The Binja sealing lists can also be used in outer doors and balcony doors to reduce traffic noise and, of course, to save in energy costs. The Binja sealing lists clearly improve the comfort of our guests.They are inexpensive, quick and easy to install in any door”, Property Manager Jari Poikela commends.

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