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Suitable for all kinds of doors!

The Binja sealing list can be used to seal all kinds of doors, whether old or new, in all kinds of buildings, whether residential or commercial. The sealing list has been proven to efficiently prevent air leakage as well as to provide insulation against odours, dust and noise from outdoors.




Sealing lists in one package!

The Binja sealing lists are available in white, red and blue as well as in a variety of wood patterns. The complete sealing-list set includes the lists for the door frames and the threshold. The sealing lists for doors are available in two sizes, depending on door height. The threshold list is made of MDF profile. Alternatively, you can choose a hard-oak list for the threshold if it is under heavy use. The threshold lists are available in several sizes that fit most doorways. In addition, we have protective metal lists that can be used to cover the wooden list. The Binja sealing lists are also available for windows.



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