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The most affordable way to prevent water damages and improve housing health!


The annual costs of water damages and indoor air problems in properties are estimated to equal to the annual property heating costs – 3 billion euro. A considerable part of these damages could be prevented or minimized by paying attention to the right things in time. Binja Safety Moulding is an affordable and easy way to prevent water, dust and other impurities from accumulating in the house structures.




Binja Safety Moulding advantages


Prevents water and dirt  from seeping under the floor

Heavy water use, water damages or the use of a washing machine may, over the years, result in a fair amount of water leaking into the structures through floor seams, which causes damages. The rubber seal of the Binja Safety Moulding is firmly pressed against the floor, which prevents the water from leaking into the floor and the wall structures.

Isolates microbes – improves indoor air

The Binja Safety Moulding efficiently prevents air from entering the apartment from the floor structures. As a result, the common impurities found in base floors do not mix in with the indoor air and the quality of the breathing air improves.

Efficient sound insulation between rooms

The Binja Safety Moulding also improves sound insulation between apartments when installed as a base moulding on the partition walls that divide the apartments. The seal is firmly pressed against the floor, which prevents sounds from travelling on the floor level from one room to another.

Isolates noises and odours between floors

Binja Safety Moulding effectively blocks sounds and odours travelling through the seams in concrete tiles between floors.

Stylish colours

The Binja Safety Moulding is available in white, silver grey or blue.




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